We provide comprehensive and tailored advice to businesses and individuals on the visa application process. We ensure that visa applications are lodged as efficiently as possible. Many of our clients have opted to retain our services, for the following reasons:

  1. We provide a thorough analysis of each of our clients’ situations and assess their eligibility for the requisite visa subclass. We generally only proceed with preparing a visa application where we deem that the applicant has a good chance of success of having their visa approved.
  2. We ensure that the preparation of visa applications runs as smoothly as possible, liaising with our clients and any relevant third party to obtain all the requisite documents prior to lodgement of the application.
  3. We advocate on behalf of our clients, explaining to case officers how the applicants meet all the visa criteria set out in the Migration Regulations 1994. We have also developed a very positive relationship with the Department of Immigration, and have a reputation amongst case officers for providing highly professional and complete applications.
  4. We maintain highly organised records of the immigration history of our clients which enables us to advise properly on compliance issues. In this way we can assist with the future immigration needs of our clients.
  5. We provide our clients with regular immigration law updates and are able to advise as to how changes in the law may affect their visa terms.

We dedicate ourselves to finding the most effective immigration solution in each case, providing high level, efficient and professional services.
The complexity of Australian immigration laws often necessitates the use of an immigration lawyer and migration agent. It is necessary for migration agents to be registered with the Migration Agents Regulation Authority (MARA) and to act in accordance with the MARA Code of Conduct.